Methods and Techniques of Air Quality Testing


Pure and clean air is one of the essential needs of healthy living. Air that is of poor quality may result in respiratory conditions and infections such as asthma, tuberculosis, and coughing among others. The spread and occurrence of common communicable diseases and infections have been reported to occur in high levels in regions with unclean air with large crowds of people. It is, therefore, worth an individual's every cent to test the quality of air surrounding them, the air in their household and that they are breathing. Air quality testing is a simple strategy to healthy living and awareness. Discussed below are some of the approved methods and techniques of testing the quality of air around us.


The first step to ascertaining the hygiene and purity of the air is carrying out a thorough FSG Inspections of the house to identify any causes of air pollution in the house. It is by identifying the cause of the problem that one goes for the suitable solution. You cannot treat what is unknown to you. Diagnosis is the most vital step to effective treatment of a given issue. Pre-testing is, therefore, the foundation to an effective air quality test procedure.


After diagnosing the cause of the poor quality of air in a house, the client can now conduct a mold test. The occurrence of molds in the household is an indicator of unwanted moisture in the house. Molds not only result in health problems but also lead to damage to property such as the walls and floors among others. A client can apply the Do It Yourself approach to do a mold test or better still hire the services of an expert to help out.


Next on the list is the allergen test that tests for the occurrence of factors such as cat saliva, cockroach body parts, dust particles among other relevant and related causes. There are various types of home test kits and tools that can be used for this test which involves collecting the allergens and taking them to a laboratory for further analysis. The Do It Yourself approach can be used to collect the specimen or acquire the air quality test services for full services. Know more facts about molds inspection at


Final on the list is the asbestos test that entails the removal of the harmful fibrous mineral from the household. The mineral is dangerous when taken in during inhalation as it produces hazardous fibers every time it is touched. Being risky as it is, an expert has to be consulted; if not, protective gear has to be used. You may click for more details.

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